Does Coconut Oil Fade Tattoos? 4 Crucial Factors

Does Coconut Oil Fade Tattoos 4 Key Factors

You might have heard that, to ensure the longevity and freshness of the tattoo, one must use coconut oil. But have you heard people asking questions on different forums that coconut oil fades tattoos?

If you are also the one who is scratching your head in search of the quest, stop here because today I have come up with the answer based on various authentic research.

First, keep rubbing coconut oil because, congratulations, it won’t fade away the ink; in fact, it boosts longevity. Let’s devolve in the debate further.

Do coconut oil fade tattoos?

Do coconut oil fade tattoos

As a tattoo enthusiast, I always recommended coconut oil as the aftercare for my clients. Because I used to have many clients asking me How To Take Care of a New Tattoo?

I always advised them on different remedies, especially to use coconut oil. But nowadays, there is a debate around the internet that coconut oil fades tattoos.

I don’t blame those who immensely take time and make tattoos on themselves. Their concern is right. So, why not discuss this topic today?

Before we head to the main concern, let me explain the anatomy of tattoo ink. When an artist injects tattoo ink on the skin, keep in mind that the ink just traps in the dermal layer of the skin.

Since the ink particles are trapped in the skin, it is natural that the ink will fade away sooner or later.

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer, yet it contains large particles that find it difficult to penetrate the skin and break the ink particles of tattoos.

So, there is no evidence, according to research, that claims coconut oil fades tattoos. 

Now, you might be thinking, why are your tattoos fading away if this is not the case? The following could be the potential reasons.

This guidance is solely based on personal experience. No amount of personal experience can replace a professional recommendation from a tattoo expert and a dermatologist.

As per personal experience, many other factors can contribute to the fading of tattoos, but coconut oil is not the contributing factor. Still, remember to consult a professional for specific skin type guidance.

4 Factors contributing to the lightening and fading of the tattoo

4 Factors contributing to the lightening and fading of the tattoo

If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, you must know that many affordable tattoo machines, especially  Rotary Tattoo Machines Under $200, make the best tattoo designs.

But what is the purpose of these designs if you don’t know what factors are fading the tattoos from your skin? So consider these factors and take control over them.

1. Excess sun exposure

Excess sun exposure

I know you would have never considered the sun’s rays a culprit. But trust me; it is the most harmful rays anyone could ever encounter. Whether you are a skincare enthusiast or a tattoo enthusiast, you must take sun exposure seriously. 

Coconut oil does not fade the tattoo but the harmful UV rays. These rays can penetrate the skin and break the tattoo ink particles. So wear full clothes next time you go out and use high-SPF sunscreen.

2. Aging and sagging

Aging and sagging

Most of the time, I have older clients who have a common misconception that coconut oil fades tattoos. Yet they are unwilling to admit that their muscles are losing their crispness and vibrancy with age.

It is very natural that with age, your skin loses, which could also affect the appearance of the tattoos. But don’t worry; proper care slows down the effects of aging, keeping the tattoos looking vibrant.

3. Improper skin care regimes

Improper skin care regimes

This one consideration will be a lifesaver for all the girls who love making tattoos on their faces and arms.

No doubt opting for good skin care can enhance the skin’s freshness, but when it comes to tattoos, harsh skin care products could also be the reason for fading. 

Yes, you have heard it right. Excessive use of abrasives, chemical cleansers, and exfoliants can sometimes fade out the tattoo designs without even letting you know. So go for mild skin care products that should also be fragrance-free.

4. High Friction

High Friction

Apart from the question, does coconut oil fade tattoos? The second most asked question I face is, Do Finger Tattoos Fade Fast? Tell me one thing, why won’t finger tattoos fade fast?

Just think for a while that those areas on your body have tattoos that encounter the clothes more often and make friction. Is it possible that the tattoos in those areas won’t fade away?

It will fade away fast. So don’t let friction diminish your favorite tattoo designs. Wear loose clothes and don’t rub and scratch that part of the skin with a tattoo design on it.

Why should you use coconut oil (Properties)?

Why should you use coconut oil (Properties)

You can never conclude whether coconut oil fades tattoos without knowing this product’s properties. It is considered a magical product for skincare routines for its following properties.

Packed With Healthy Fatty Acids

We all know that healthy fats are packed with oil that can give a great moisturizing effect to the skin. Many skin specialists recommend using coconut oil because this product is packed with medium-chain fatty acids that include a vital component called lauric acid.

No matter whether you have not made any tattoo designs on the skin or one who has completed various sessions of tattooing, you must use coconut oil.

Antimicrobial Properties

Here I want to burst the myth stating that coconut oil fades tattoos; it is highly recommended to use coconut oil after tattooing as an aftercare. The fact is not hidden how coconut oil fights harmful bacteria and gives antimicrobial properties. But since we are bursting with myth, I would love to highlight that coconut oil not only acts as an antimicrobial preventer but also gives vibrancy and long-lasting ability to tattoo designs. So next time when you ask me How To Take Care of a New Tattoo? read this section aloud.

How to increase the longevity of tattoos?

While reading all the details above, you must be thinking that since we know that coconut oil does not fade tattoos. What next? What can be other tips that ensure longevity after tattooing? Don’t worry; by following all the aftercare tips, you can maintain the beauty of tattooing for years.

  • Let’s start by taking potential cleaning steps. First and foremost, you need to clean that area with a tattoo design with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water.

Remember, do not use hard stones, scrubs, and tough towels, as they can irritate the skin, fading out the tattoo designs.

  • The skin where you have a tattoo design also requires moisturizing. As you know, coconut oil does not fade Tattoos. You can use it as a moisturizer. Healthy, moisturized skin ensures tattoos’ longevity, ensuring no cracking or scabbing.
  • I understand that when the tattoo designs try to heal up, a person deadly craves the itching and rubbing. The healing area after tattooing gives a very badass time.

But, you are not allowed to itch or rub that area because excessive touching can disrupt the formation of tattoos.

If you feel an excessive itch, then take a damp, warm towel and slowly rub that towel on the skin area where you have made a tattoo and let the flakes of skin naturally come during the healing process.

No matter whether you have done a tattoo with Rotary Tattoo Machines Under $400 or with any other tattoo machine. You need to follow the aftercare practices to ensure the vibrancy and longevity of tattoos.

Avoid using harsh soaps and always go out while wearing sunscreen, as excise sun exposure can damage tattoo designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a very generic question. Nobody can tell you the time in which your tattoo design will fade. It depends on factors like aging, sun exposure, and how you are handling your tattoo designs. Based on the aftercare, your tattoo design can last for three months to several years.

The UV rays from the sun can break down the ink over time. So always prefer using sunscreen and avoid excessive sun exposure.

It would help if you always opted to use fragrance-free and milk skin care products, especially chemical-free ones.


At the beginning of the article, I promised we would break up a myth about whether coconut oil fades Tattoos. So now you know coconut oil has nothing to do with fading out the tattoos. 

It is a great moisturizer with antimicrobial properties that can soften your skin and fight back against harmful bacteria. 

You can maintain your tattoo design’s longevity and vibrancy by following the above tattooing aftercare. So next time, before following a myth unthinkingly, do your research and not let silly people fool you.

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