How to Cover Tattoos at Work? 4 Effective ways

How to Cover Tattoos at Work

Do you ever feel stuck in a situation where you need to cover up your tattoo for work? You may have just got a new tattoo, and your employer has a strict dress code policy, or you may have a tattoo that doesn’t quite fit in with the professional image you want to portray at work. Whatever the reason, don’t worry!

Several effective ways to cover tattoos at work include using makeup, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and accessorizing with jewelry or scarves. Other options include tattoo cover-up sleeves, specialized clothing, and even laser tattoo removal. Let us explore the most effective ways to cover tattoos at work so that you can feel confident and comfortable while on the job.

US synchronized swimmers used waterproof makeup to cover tattoos during the 2016 Olympics to maintain a uniform appearance. Show tattoo covering is not limited to the workplace and is common in sports.

Why Do You Need to Cover Your Tattoos at Work?

Why Do You Need to Cover Your Tattoos at Work

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people choosing to adorn their bodies with beautiful designs and meaningful symbols. However, despite this growing acceptance of tattoos in mainstream culture, not all workplaces view them as professional or appropriate.

Many companies still have strict dress code policies requiring employees to cover visible tattoos. So, why do you need to cover your tattoo?

There could be several reasons for this, including

  • Employers have the right to set specific standards for employee appearance and behavior

While tattoos may be a form of self-expression and art, people also view them as distracting or unprofessional in specific workplace environments. For example, a law firm may require its employees to dress in business attire and maintain a conservative appearance to convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness to clients.

  • To avoid potential discrimination or negative stereotyping

Unfortunately, some people still hold negative beliefs about tattoos and the individuals who have them, which can lead to discriminatory treatment or even discrimination in the workplace. Thus, by covering up your tattoo, you can avoid any potential adverse reactions or assumptions from colleagues, clients, or customers.

The quality of a cover-up tattoo also depends on the quality of the original tattoo. Therefore, it is important to choose your tattoo artist carefully and invest in a high-quality tattoo machine from the beginning.

Effective Ways to Cover Your Tattoo at Work

If you have to cover tattoos at work, you may wonder what the most effective methods are. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from that can help you maintain a professional appearance while still expressing your style.

Following are some practical ways to cover your tattoo:

1. Makeup and tattoo cover-up products

Makeup and tattoo cover-up products

One of the most common ways to cover or remove tattoo ink is by using makeup or tattoo cover-up products designed specifically for this purpose. These products can provide a long-lasting, natural-looking coverage that won’t smudge or rub off throughout the day. Thus, choose a product that matches your skin tone to ensure the best results.

2. Long-sleeved clothing

Long-sleeved clothing

Another effective way to cover a tattoo at work is by wearing long-sleeved clothing. It can include shirts, blouses, or sweaters that cover the tattoo entirely or partially. If your company has a strict dress code policy, you may need to stick to neutral or conservative colors and styles to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

3. Accessories


You can also use accessories such as scarves, jewelry, or watches to cover up tattoos. For example, a watch, specifically a wrist tattoo or a scarf over a neck or chest tattoo, are the best way. It can be an excellent option for those who prefer not to use makeup or clothing to cover their tattoos.

4. Specialized Clothing

Specialized Clothing

If you have a giant tattoo that needs to be covered, specialized clothing such as tattoo cover-up sleeves or compression shirts may be an option. These products are designed to cover tattoos without causing discomfort or irritation and can provide a seamless appearance that won’t draw attention to your tattoo.

This option can be beneficial for people who work in conservative environments where tattoos are not allowed to be visible. Consequently, it provides a convenient way to cover up without needing makeup or other cover-up products.

Ultimately, the method you choose to cover your tattoo will depend on your preference, the size, and location of your tattoo, and your company’s dress code policy. Using these effective techniques, you can maintain a professional appearance while expressing your unique style.

Dos and Don’ts to Cover Tattoo at Work

Do's and Don'ts to Cover Tattoo at Work

If you have to cover a tattoo at work, knowing the dos and don’ts of how to do it effectively is essential.

While several options are available for covering up tattoos, you should also avoid certain things to maintain a professional appearance.

Following are some do’s and don’ts to cover your tattoo:


  • Follow your company’s dress code policy

Ensure you understand and follow your company’s dress code policy when covering up your tattoo. Besides, it will help you avoid potential conflicts with your employer.

  • Use high-quality products

If you’re using makeup or tattoo cover-up products to cover your tattoo, make sure you’re using high-quality products that won’t smudge or rub off throughout the day.

  • Practice good hygiene

Ensure your tattoo and the surrounding area are clean and debris-free before covering it up. It will help ensure that the cover-up product adheres appropriately and looks natural.


  • Use offensive or inappropriate cover-up products

Avoid using cover-up products that contain offensive or inappropriate images or language, as this can be seen as unprofessional and may violate your company’s dress code policy.

  • Overdo it

While covering up tattoos at work is essential, please don’t go overboard with makeup or clothing to the point where it draws attention to yourself.

  • Be disrespectful or confrontational

If a colleague or customer asks you about your tattoo or why you’re covering it up, be respectful and professional in your response. Avoid being confrontational or dismissive, as this can create unnecessary tension in the workplace.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can effectively cover your tattoo while maintaining a professional appearance and avoiding potential conflicts with your employer.

To cover tattoos at work, it’s essential to use high-quality and hypoallergenic products and patch tests before use to avoid any adverse effects on your skin.

What Happens if you Don’t Cover Tattoos at Work?

What Happens if you Don't Cover Tattoos at Work

If you don’t cover tattoos at work, it can negatively affect your career. While tattoos are becoming more widely accepted, many workplaces still have strict dress codes and policies regarding visible tattoos. Covering up your tattoos can lead to being perceived as unprofessional or not taking your job seriously. It can also limit your career opportunities, as some companies may choose to avoid hiring or promoting someone with visible tattoos.

Furthermore, not covering tattoos at work can also result in uncomfortable conversations with colleagues or clients. While tattoos are a personal choice and expression, people see them as distracting or inappropriate in specific professional settings. By covering your tattoos, you respect the workplace and its rules and maintain a professional image.

Overall, it’s essential to be aware of your workplace’s policies and dress code regarding tattoos and to take appropriate steps to cover them up if necessary. It can help you maintain a positive and professional image and avoid potential negative consequences on your career.


Yes, makeup can effectively cover tattoos at work, but it requires the right products and techniques.

You can use specialized clothing options, such as long-sleeved shirts and sleeves, are designed to cover tattoos at work.

Yes, specialized clothing options, such as long-sleeved shirts and sleeves, are designed to cover tattoos at work.

You can check your company’s dress code policy or ask HR if there is a policy on visible tattoos.

It depends on the company and industry, but in some cases, visible tattoos can limit job opportunities and career advancement.

Covering tattoos for interviews and client-facing meetings is generally a good idea, as it shows respect for the professional setting and can help maintain a positive image.


We hope the methods mentioned above to cover tattoos at work have given you some valuable ideas to help you maintain a professional image. Whether you choose to use makeup, clothing, or accessories, there are plenty of ways to cover them and still feel confident. Go ahead and try out these techniques and find the one that works best for you.

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