How to Email a Tattoo Artist? Best Email Format

How to Email a Tattoo Artist

Are you ready to get a new tattoo and know the right person to do it? Then, wait no more! The first step is to reach out to your tattoo artist. While this may seem like a complicated task, it isn’t. All you need to do is email a tattoo artist in a very polite, professional, and conservative way.

Tattoo artists worldwide have an experience of interaction with millions of people. Therefore, they will understand exactly what you want with only a single email. However, we have some helpful tips and tricks if you still need clarification about emailing a tattoo artist. Keep reading and ease yourself!

Why do people prefer emailing a tattoo artist?

Why do people prefer emailing a tattoo artist

Why do artists prefer an email from a client instead of meeting them physically regarding their tattoo appointments?

Well, read the following reasons to clear out your confusion:

1. Convenience

Emailing a tattoo artist allows you to conveniently reach out to them from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can access the internet. It means you won’t have to travel to physically meet them to get an appointment.

2. Better communication

While phone storage is a big hurdle for young people, email only takes up a little of your space. Therefore, when you email a tattoo artist, you have a written record of your conversation with them. Hence, it may prove to be very useful for referencing later on.

3. Preferred Schedules of Appointment

When you email a tattoo artist, you can easily check their schedule to see if it matches yours. It means you can know when they are available for your appointment date. Meanwhile, it will save you time and effort to call them multiple times to get an available artist.

4. Reduced pressure

Lastly, we realize that it is challenging for everyone to communicate physically with a stranger. Therefore, emailing a tattoo artist can reduce the pressure of the process. Also, you can have ample time to think through your questions and communicate clearly, without feeling pressured to speak to someone in person.

What is the best format to email a tattoo artist?

What is the best format to email a tattoo artist

We hope we have convinced you enough to finally email a tattoo artist of your choice to get an appointment. If that’s the case, the first step is understanding how to write an email to a tattoo artist. It not only includes the format; it involves all aspects of proper communication.

Therefore let’s go over the best format for emailing a tattoo artist to help you get the tattoo of your dreams.

1. Subject Line: Make it Clear and Concise

The subject line of your email is the first thing a tattoo artist will see, so you need to make sure it’s clear and concise. It means avoiding the use of vague or misleading subject lines.

We say this because it could make the tattoo artist less likely to open your email. Instead, make it interesting while being specific. Some examples might include “Request for a Tattoo Appointment” or “Inquiry About Your Tattoo Services.”

2. Introduction: Be Polite and Professional

Moving on to the second step, an introduction is always known to be the most important part of any writing task. Hence, you should start your email with a polite and professional introduction.

As a starter, mention your name and why you’re reaching out to the artist. For example, “Hi [Artist Name], my name is [Your Name], and I came across your work online, and I was impressed by your unique style.”

Nevertheless, remember to include your location and the type of tattoo you want in the introduction.

3. Body: Provide Details and Images

Then comes the body of your email, which is basically the complete conversation you will be doing with your tattoo artists. In the body of your email, you will provide all the necessary details regarding your tattoo design to your artist so that they can get a clear vision of your needs.

Therefore, try your best to be specific about the size, placement, and design you have in mind. Whether you wish for a neck tattoo, an arm tattoo, or anything you want, mention it clearly in the email.

Furthermore, please add any images or references in the email so that the tattoo artist understands your requirements better. Plus, be sure to also mention any relevant deadlines or time constraints you may have.

4. Conclusion: Express Your Appreciation

When sending your email, add a concluding paragraph that expresses your appreciation for the artist’s time and work. Thank the artist for considering your request. In fact, you can also express your excitement about the possibility of working with them.

For example, “I really appreciate you taking out time for me, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you for your amazing work!

5. Signature: Include Contact Information

Last but not least, when you email a tattoo artist, you always remember the basic rules. The email should always include your full name, phone number, and any other relevant contact information in your email signature. It will automatically make it easier for the tattoo artist to get in touch with you and respond to your request.

What can I talk about in an email to a tattoo artist?

What can I talk about in an email to a tattoo artist

Another question that comes into our mind is what to talk about when you email a tattoo artist. For your convenience, we are here with some important topics you can talk about in your email to make sure you cover all the bases:

Design of Your Tattoo

It will help if you provide clear details about the design you want, including size, location, and any reference images you have.


You also have to let an artist know your budget upfront. It will help them provide an accurate quote and ensure you’re both on the same page.

Questions and Concerns

Furthermore, you can ask your tattoo artist about their process, experience, and aftercare instructions.

Scheduling of the Appointment

If you have a specific time frame for getting your tattoo, let the artist know and ask about their availability.

Reference images

If you have reference images or sketches of your tattoo idea, feel free to send them along with your email. All you need to do is ensure the images are appropriate and respectful.

Changes or revisions

If you want any changes or revisions to your tattoo design, mention all the details of the revisions you need in the email.

In a nutshell, whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your tenth, following these tips will help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Dos and Don’ts of emailing a tattoo artist

Dos and Don'ts of emailing a tattoo artist

While emailing a tattoo artist is a great way to start the tattoo-getting process, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Following are some tips you should follow and some that you should avoid when you email a tattoo artist:


1. Do thorough research

Before you send the artist an email, take some time to research their style and portfolio beforehand. It can help you be sure of your decision to get your tattoo design from them.

2. Always be specific

When you email a tattoo artist, be specific about what you want in your tattoo. It means providing clear details about the tattoo in all aspects. 

3. Mention your budget

Remember to add your budget in the email to your tattoo artist beforehand. As a result, this can help them give you an accurate quote and ensure they can work with you later.

4. Ask any Questions

Never be afraid to ask your artist all the questions you have in mind. Whether they are about the tattoo design process; or the tattoo removal process in case you don’t want to move on with it. 

In addition, you can also ask the artists about the tattoo machines they use without any hesitation. It can help you realize whether or not it meets your requirements. 

5. Always be polite

Remember that all tattoo artists are busy professionals. So, being polite to them in your communication is very important.


1. Don’t send generic emails

Always personalize your email to the tattoo artist you’re reaching out to. It would be best if you showed them that you’ve taken the time to research their work and are interested in their services.

2. Don’t be too demanding

Your tattoo artist is an artist, not just a vendor. Hence, always be patient and understand their needs when they work on your tattoo.

3. Don’t send inappropriate images

Being compliant while emailing a tattoo artist is noteworthy. It means you should avoid sending any inappropriate images or messages.

4. Don’t negotiate the price

Your tattoo artist has already given you a quote, so don’t try to negotiate the price. If you have a specific budget in mind, let them know before you get the tattoo; otherwise, it might inconvenience both of you.

5. Don’t be vague

Be clear and specific about what you want in your tattoo. Vague requests will make it difficult for your tattoo artist to provide an accurate quote or create a design you’ll love.


When you email a tattoo artist, include clear details about your desired tattoo. It includes the size, location, design, and reference images.

It would be best if you showed that you’d taken the time to research the artist’s work by mentioning specific pieces or styles you admire. Also, please keep your email respectful and professional, and let the artist know why you contacted them in the first place.

Remember to be patient when you email a tattoo artist, as they are often busy and may need more time to respond. If you are still waiting to hear back from the artists within a few days, you can send a follow-up email politely asking for a response.

Let your tattoo artist know your budget upfront and avoid trying to negotiate the price. Tattoo artists have likely already considered your design and time when providing a quote.

Yes, sending reference images can be very helpful for the tattoo artist to understand your needs. Just make sure the images are appropriate enough and are ethically right.


In wrapping things up, emailing a tattoo artist is crucial in getting some tattoo ink on yourself. You can make the process better by being crystal clear about what you want for the design to make sure the artist is on the same page as you. Plus, don’t be shy about mentioning your budget or asking questions, as it helps in keeping things straightforward and on track.

Whether trying out a new artist or sticking with a pro, we hope our tips make your communication smooth sailing.

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