How to Sleep with a New Tattoo? 5 Steps to Follow

How to Sleep with a New Tattoo

While getting a new tattoo can be exciting, it also brings a lot of anxiety. You may worry about getting tattoo ink out of your clothes, healing your tattoo properly, or not being able to keep up with the tattoo design. However, the most common question that comes into mind is whether or not you can sleep on a new tattoo. And the answer to this is YES!

Yes, you can sleep with a new tattoo, but only if you follow the preventive measures. Sleeping with a new tattoo may be confusing, but it isn’t much of a struggle, only if you know how to do it. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the steps which can help you sleep with a new tattoo without any stress!

Is It Wrong To Sleep On a New Tattoo?

Is It Wrong To Sleep On a New Tattoo

Considering this fear, we have good news for you. Sleeping with a new tattoo can not be considered necessarily “wrong.” However, there may be research-proven methods to sleep with a new tattoo that is wrong.

The most common of these methods would be to sleep with a new tattoo directly on a tattoo with fresh ink. It automatically puts pressure on your tattoo and causes friction, damaging your skin. Once your skin health starts getting down on the tattoo area, there is no way of getting back up.

Consequently, this is exactly why you must correctly follow your artist-given instructions for the aftercare of a new tattoo. Their instructions may include avoiding certain activities or sleeping positions until your tattoo has healed properly.

Can I Sleep On My New Tattoo?

Can I Sleep On My New Tattoo

Yes! You can conveniently sleep with a new tattoo by keeping some specifics in mind. Thus, if you recently got a new tattoo and are spending your night sitting on the couch worrying about lying down, we have your back!

Initially, the first step would be to realize that a fresh tattoo is like an open wound for a few days. And obviously, you can’t risk getting it infected at any cost. Therefore, you should never sleep directly on a fresh tattoo because it further causes infection to the tattoo site, and you may have a tattoo removal session for the infected piece of art.

Sleeping improperly after a fresh tattoo causes damage to the skin and disrupts the healing process.

How to Sleep with a New Tattoo (Step-by-Step Instructions)

If you recently got a new tattoo, and now that your tattoo ink is dry, it’s time you focus on caring for it while you sleep. While a proper sleep routine can make all the difference in the healing process, it’s important to know what steps to follow.

Sleep with a new tattoo keeping a soft pillowcase to help prevent friction and pressure on a fresh tattoo during sleep. It also promotes quicker healing and reduces the risk of infection.

The following are some more tried-and-tested key steps to follow to sleep with a new tattoo properly:

1. Do not sleep directly on a new tattoo

If you sleep with a new tattoo directly, it may cause a constraint on the tattoo site. In return, it will slow down the healing process.

2. Keep your tattoo moisturized

Regularly moisturizing your tattoo with tattoo creams and scrubs can help your skin heal more quickly.

3. Keep your tattoo covered

Keeping your new tattoo covered will prevent any irritation or infection while you plan to sleep with a new one.

Sleep with a new tattoo with a loose bandage or cloth covering the tattoo. It can help keep the tattoo looking more vibrant

4: Wear loose and comfortable clothing

Remember to avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothing that could rub against your new tattoo and slow down the healing process.

Some people tend to tie very tight mufflers to covers a neck tattoo at the workplace, which is where they go wrong. Even if you need to, do it with the right methods.

5. Follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions

Your tattoo artist will have specific instructions for you to follow to ensure proper healing. Therefore, listen to their advice and follow their instructions closely.

We assure you that if you take care of all the steps mentioned above to sleep with a new tattoo, you can sleep soundly and give your new tattoo the best chance to heal beautifully. And remember, be patient about the healing process and give your tattoo the time it needs to heal properly.

Avoidable Post-Sleep Care Mistakes for New Tattoos

Avoidable Post-Sleep Care Mistakes for New Tattoos

Moving on to aftercare, to avoid any mistakes that may harm your tattoo, the following are some things you should avoid after sleeping:

Don’t Scratch or Pick at Your Tattoo

We realize that your tattoo may initially be itchy or uncomfortable. But remember that if you resist the urge to scratch or pick at the tattoo, you are good to go. Doing so can introduce bacteria, cause an infection, or even slow the healing process.

Avoid Exposing Your Tattoo to Sun or Dirt

Sun exposure on new tattoos can cause fading and damage to your tattoo. Moreover, dirt and other contaminants can irritate the skin and slow healing. Therefore, it is important to keep your tattoo covered and away from direct sunlight and dirt as much as possible.

Don’t Soak Your Tattoo in Water

Avoid baths, swimming, or soaking in hot tubs, as this can cause the ink to fade and the skin to become irritated. Instead, stick to showers, and tap your tattoo dry instead of rubbing it.

Avoid Using Strong Products on Your Tattoo

Steer clear of harsh creams, lotions, or ointments, as these can cause skin irritation. Meanwhile, use a gentle, fragrance-free lotion recommended by your tattoo artist.

Mistakes People Make With New Tattoos

Mistakes People Make With New Tattoos

While tattoos are a great way to express yourself, it’s also important to remember that they require proper care and attention. Apart from the sleeping routine, we have seen people making common mistakes with a fresh tattoo, and we would not want you to do the same.

Thus, we have made out a list of the things you should not do right after you get a new tattoo:

Touching the tattoo with unclean hands

Your hands are a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, it is best to avoid touching it frequently as it can easily infect the open wound.

Not keeping the tattoo clean

Leaving it uncovered or not washing it regularly can cause an infection. Consequently, it leads to a slowdown of the healing process.

Removing the bandage too soon

Leaving the bandage on for a short time can also cause problems. But removing it too soon can also cause bacteria to enter the wound. Thus, be aware of the best time to wear and tear the bandage.

Picking at scabs or peeling skin

While the tattoo area may be itchy after a fresh design, peeling your skin from the tattoo area can cause scarring. It affects the overall appearance of the tattoo.

On the other hand, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately if you still experience any signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or excessive pain after a fresh tattoo.

Besides all this, it is extremely important to reach out to your tattoo artist for advice if you have any concerns about your tattoo design, the tattoo healing process, the tattoo removal process, or the best wireless tattoo machines.


Yes! You can sleep with a new tattoo, but you should avoid sleeping directly on a fresh tattoo to prevent friction, pressure, and irritation that may lead to damaging the skin and the design.

Yes! Sleeping on your side is generally okay, but placing a clean cloth or a soft pillowcase between your skin and the bedding is best to prevent friction.

The best position to sleep in with a fresh tattoo is on your back, which puts the least pressure on the tattoo. However, if you can’t sleep on your back, try to sleep with a new tattoo with a soft pillowcase between your skin and the bedding.

Yes! Covering a new tattoo with a clean cloth or an adhesive bandage can help protect it from exposure to dirt, sun, and other contaminants. However, be sure to avoid wrapping it too tightly, as this can cause pressure on your tattoo site.


To wrap things up, let’s ensure we have given you enough instructions to properly take care of the fresh ink while you sleep with a new tattoo. Understanding all these essential factors is key to healing quickly and staying infection-free.

Just remember to steer clear of sleeping directly on it, keep it covered while you sleep, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your tattoo artist if you have any questions or concerns. With the right care, you’ll enjoy your new tattoo ink for a long time!

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