How Long To keep Second Skin On Tattoo? Painless Removal

How Long To keep Second Skin On Tattoo

Every second person loves an artistic expression tattoo; second skin is a process that helps heal the tattoo. It usually takes 3 to 4 days to keep the second skin on tattoo, but some factors might affect its duration like

  • Tattoo size
  • Location
  • Healing process

According to Statista, only 1% of people in the USA regret the tattoo while the remaining 99% are happy with the tattoo. If you are one of those who got their favourite tattoo, you might be curious about its care and want to know how long to keep the second skin on the tattoo.

In this blog post, You will know every aspect of a second skin. Keep reading.

What is a Second skin, and what are its benefits and side effects?

benefits and side effects of second skin on tattoo

Second skin is a term commonly used to describe the process of tattooing. This is because when a tattoo is applied, it becomes a part of the person’s body, like an additional layer of protection and decoration.

Is second skin good for tattoos? 

Absolutely it is good cause Second skin is a medical grade, adhesive (sticky) barrier and a transparent shield that protects new tattoos in healing. It is latex free, waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Benefits of keeping second skin on tattoo

Keeping second skin on for a long time can have many benefits.


The most obvious one is that it helps to keep our skin moisturised, as the material holds in moisture and prevents it from evaporating.

Reduce dryness and inflammation

This helps to reduce dryness and inflammation, while also providing a barrier against dirt, dust, and other environmental irritants.


In addition, second skin can help protect your skin from sun damage by blocking out harmful UV rays. Furthermore, wearing second skin for an extended period can provide some compression benefits, helping reduce swelling and improve circulation.

It can also help reduce scarring from wounds or surgical procedures by creating an even surface over the area.

Finally, second skin can also help to relieve pain and discomfort by providing support and cushioning for injured areas.

Side effects of a second skin on tattoo

Second skin is a specially-formulated material applied to a tattoo after it’s finished to protect and heal the area. It acts as a barrier between the ink and your skin, helping to keep bacteria away from the wound and reducing inflammation. 

While second skin does provide many benefits, it can also have some side effects. These include redness, itching, burning or stinging sensation around the tattooed area, dryness or peeling of the skin, and an increase in sensitivity to sunlight.
Additionally, second skin may cause an allergic reaction in some people. If you experience these side effects while using second skin on your tattoo, you should stop using it immediately and consult your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

How Long Should You Keep Second Skin On Tattoo?

How Long Should You Keep Second Skin On Tattoo

When caring for your new tattoo one of the most important steps is to keep your second skin on tattoo. Second skin is a thin, breathable film that helps protect your tattoo from bacteria and dirt.

It also keeps moisture in and prevents scabs from forming. It should be retained for at least two days or until all the weeping have stopped.

You may remove it during this time frame as needed for cleaning and moisturizing; however, replace it afterward. You should keep the second skin on tattoo for up to two weeks for optimal results during the healing process. 

After two weeks, you can remove the second skin and continue with standard aftercare procedures such as moisturizing and sun protection. These steps will ensure that your tattoo looks its best for years to come!

  • Fever or chills
  • Prolonged redness
  • Oozing fluid
  • Swollen, puffy skin
  • Severe itching or hives
  • Scarring

6 Tips for Properly Removing Second Skin

Tips for Properly Removing Second Skin

When removing Second Skin, it’s essential to take the time to do it properly. First, use scissors to cut along the edges of the skin, being careful not to cut too deeply into your skin.

Once you have removed most of the skin, use a warm cloth and some soap or liquid body cleanser to rub away any remaining adhesive residue gently. 

After cleaning off any remaining residue, use a moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Avoid excessively scrubbing or pushing too hard, as this can damage your skin

To ensure the proper removal of the second skin from your tattoo, follow these tips:

1. Start with Clean Hands

Start with Clean Hands

Proper hand hygiene is essential before removing the second skin from your tattoo. Thoroughly cleaning your hands by using soap and water can prevent any transfer of dirt or bacteria to the area, which could lead to an infection. To do this, use mild soap and warm water to clean your hands gently, taking care to scrub under your nails and between your fingers. This simple precautionary measure will help ensure the safety and integrity of your tattoo.

2. Be Gentle

Be Gentle

It is crucial to exercise care and caution while removing the second skin from your tattoo to prevent any harm or damage. Avoid exerting force or pulling at the area, and instead, use a damp cloth or paper towel to dampen the skin before slowly and gently peeling it back. Take your time and work slowly to avoid harming the tattoo. If you feel any resistance or experience discomfort, stop the process immediately and consult your tattoo artist for guidance.

3. Moisturize


After removing the second skin, it’s essential to keep the area moisturized to prevent itching and dryness. Apply a thin layer of fragrance-free lotion or tattoo aftercare product to the tattooed area, making sure to massage it gently. It will help to soothe the skin and promote healing.

4. Avoid Water

Avoid Water

While keeping your tattoo moisturized is essential, you should also avoid exposing it to water for the first few days after removing the second skin. It includes avoiding swimming, soaking in a bath or hot tub, and even showering for extended periods. Water can cause the tattoo to become swollen or irritated, slowing the healing process.

5. Avoid Sun Exposure

Avoid Sunlight

Exposing your tattoo to sunlight can lead to fading and heightened infection risk during recovery. It is essential to shield your tattoo from direct sunlight or tanning beds for the first few weeks after removing the second skin. To do this, you can use clothing or a bandage to cover the area, and if you have to be outside, apply sunscreen with a high SPF. It will help protect your tattoo and ensure it heals correctly.

6. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining proper hydration levels by consuming enough water can play a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. It can prevent dryness and itching and promote healing. We recommend you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily while avoiding beverages such as alcohol and caffeine, which can cause dehydration. Being adequately hydrated can also positively impact your immune system, which can assist in the recovery process.


No, Removing the second skin too early is not recommended. Still, if you have any irritation or discomfort, you can remove it but apply it again with proper instructions.

Yes, Second Skin is a revolutionary new product developed to help people heal their tattoos quicker and with less discomfort. Overall, Second Skin can effectively heal a new tattoo faster, allowing you to get back to your daily activities sooner than usual.

It is important to remember that everyone’s experience may differ, and proper aftercare should always be followed for optimal results.

Yes, When taking care of your tattoo, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. After removing a SecondSkin protective cover from your tattoo, you should always wash the area with warm water, soap, or an antibacterial cleanser. 

This will help keep the area clean and reduce any chances of infection or irritation. Additionally, after washing the tattoo, you should apply a thin layer of fragrance-free lotion to keep it moisturized and prevent dryness or flaking. 

No you should not. Removing SecondSkin, a tattoo covering, can damage a tattoo. The product’s adhesive nature can pull parts of the ink from the skin, leaving behind an incomplete and faded design. 

Additionally, if any residue is left on the skin after removal, it can also irritate the area and possibly impede the healing process. It is best to seek advice from a professional before removing any tattoo covering.

If you want to ensure your tattoo heals quickly and correctly, there are a few steps you can take. First and foremost, keep the area clean. Wash it gently with mild soap and warm water twice daily and pat dry with a clean towel.

 Avoid submerging it in water, such as hot tubs or swimming pools, until it is completely healed. Secondly, apply an appropriate ointment or moisturizer to help reduce scabbing, redness, and itching.

Thirdly, wearing loose clothing will help reduce friction which may cause irritation to the area. 

Finally, try not to pick any scabs that may form, as this can lead to infection and scarring. Following these tips should help ensure your tattoo heals quickly and correctly.


How Long To Keep Second Skin On Tattoo? One of the basic questions after the tattoo process is important to obey your tattooist’s instructions regarding how long you should keep the covering on, how frequently to renew it, and when to take it away.

After the wrap is removed and your skin has healed, your tattoo will look stunning!

We hope that our blog post has addressed all your questions; if you still have questions, feel free to comment.

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