Rotary Tattoo Machines Under $400 – Top 3 Picks

Rotary Tattoo Machines Under $400

Are you looking for high-quality rotary tattoo machines under $400? Congratulations! You’re at the right place, as this article will showcase the top 7 rotary machines that have the power to unlock your true tattooing potential.

These machines are a blessing in disguise for our budding tattoo artists and a new feat to venture for seasoned artists. Professional artists also endorse some of these! Pretty cool, right?

So let’s immediately dive into the details of the top 7 rotatory picks and the top 3 picks of all time.

Top 3 Rotary Tattoo Machines Under $400

You can’t get through the pros and cons of every single machine. It’s humanely impossible!

We understand you are busy, so here are the top 3 picks from our list, ensuring you get your desired product.

Overall Best

DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Rotary Pen


The DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Tattoo Machine is our top pick for the best rotary tattoo machine under $400. This luxurious pen is a high-quality workhorse that yields phenomenal results.

This machine’s optimal performance and versatility are reflected in its compatibility with all tattoo techniques. It has adjustable speed and voltage and is also customizable, giving more freedom to the artist to pour his creativity into the design.

Editor’s Pick

Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro Machine

Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro

The editor’s choice for the best rotary tattoo machine goes to Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine. This machine is pro-light weight, affordable and reliable.

This machine’s adjustable needle strokes, silent operation, and pen style make it easy to maneuver. All these features make it a stand-out option for beginners and experienced artists.

Budget Pick

BRONC Staves Rotary Pen

BRONC Staves Tattoo Machine

Nothing can be more reliable and stylish at a budget-friendly rate than the Bronc Staves Tattoo machine rotary pen. It works with consistency and precision and is also powerful. It gives good control to its users and is quick to recharge – a significant feature needed in tattoo pens for long tattooing sessions.

Did you know that the tattoo machines are the successors of Thomas Edison’s electric pen? The use of rotary technology in these machines was first introduced by Samuel O’Reilly using electromagnets. Later in 1978, Manfred Kohrs introduced a more efficient & silent version of rotary pens using a DC motor.

What Exactly is A Rotary Tattoo Machine?

These lightweight machines use a rotary machine to rotate the shaft, which moves the needles up and down. This results in a quieter tattooing procedure with an elegant and seamless design.

Rotary tattoo machines are lightweight, work with small needles, and are the best option for color work. They also provide a quiet and gentle tattooing session with less skin damage. If you want the best of these machines for just $300, check out the seven best rotary tattoo machines for $300.

Image Product Features Price
TOP Pick
DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Pen
DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Pen
  • Compatible with every tattoo style
  • Optimal performance
  • High adjustability & precision
  • High- capacity battery
Check Price
Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro
Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Firm grip
  • Lightweight machine
Check Price
BRONC Staves Tattoo Machine
BRONC Staves Tattoo Machine
  • Flexible
  • Easily adjustable
  • Versatile
  • Quick battery recharge
Check Price
CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen
CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen
  • All-rounder tattooing pen
  • Digital display
  • Does not overheat
Check Price
BRONC Max V12 Rotary Pen
BRONC Max V12 Rotary Pen
  • Truly adjustable needle stroke
  • Exclusive ergonomic design
  • Seamless adjustability
  • Precision movements
Check Price
Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen
Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen
  • Super lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality manufacturing
Check Price
Linetion Sworder Rotary Pen
Linetion Sworder Rotary Pen
  • Advanced driving system
  • Silent & vibrationless
  • Long battery life
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Reviews of 7 Best Rotary Tattoo Machines for $400

These reviews of the top seven products discussed below will surely help you in deciding the tattoo machine which will assist you in excelling the tattoo art.

1. DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Pen

Overall Best

DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Rotary Pen


  • Type: Rotary pen
  • Material: Space aluminum
  • Needle depth: 3.5mm / 4.0mm

You won’t regret buying this luxurious pen, as it can offer any shading, lining, or grating at such a low price.

DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Pen is the best workhorse you could ever find on the table for just $300 or less. Tattoo artists call it “the future tattooing technology”. 

This luxurious pen is travel-friendly because of its wireless technology. Its wireless feature and longer battery life release artists from the hassle and tension of tangled cords, providing them with comfortable tattooing sessions.

With a needle depth of 3.5 mm, which plays a crucial role in pronounced shading and saturation, It shows phenomenal performance with every type of art. 

Whether it’s old school or realism, black-gray art, soft shadows, solid colors, fast pigmentation, Japanese tattoo or Neo Traditional art, bold or fine lines, etc, it is the one for all.

With a stroke of 4.0mm, it reduces any unnecessary trauma to the skin. It also offers a quick recovery from the itchy new tattoo. If you want to know about relieving the itchiness of a new tattoo, read how to relieve the itchy new tattoo.
To accelerate your recovery from the pain of having a new tattoo, check out how to take care of a new tattoo. Next time, you’ll recover sooner than you think with our discovered tips.

DKLAB DK-W1 Pro Wireless Pen

From my experience, I love this machine for its precision, versatility, and adjustability to various speeds and voltages, which are necessary for different tattooing techniques. and call it the best option for any tattoo style.

Though it’s optimal and efficient in its working, my tester artists reveal that it has limited compatibility with needle cartridges, which might annoy some artists as each has its brand preferences. It also requires high cleaning and maintenance to increase its durability.


  • It is the best for any tattoo style and technique and offers optimal shading, lining, grating, etc.
  • It is versatile with variable speeds and voltages. It also adjusts with many needle cartridges.
  • It has a high-capacity battery which is necessary for longer tattooing.


  • There is a learning curve for artists used to different machines.
  • It has to be maintained for longer use.

Final Verdict

Overall, this machine is a perfect match for artists looking for a cheap but efficient investment. It has all the necessary features a beginner or mediocre artist might consider while buying a tattoo pen for their skills update.

2. Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro

Editor’s Pick

Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro Machine


  • Type: Enduro Rotary pen
  • Material: Anodized- aluminum
  • Needle depth: 0-4.5mm

The Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro is a super-lightweight and ergonomic machine. Its smooth and comfortable design plays a significant role in its performance as it offers easy holding, high efficacy, and exceptional control, thus reducing the stress and fatigue of a tattoo artist through easy maneuvering.

My artists have tested its machine and claim it has a strong enduro motor and gear system. The enduro motor provided room for our artists to work diligently, and the strong gear system offered them a silent tattooing operation with zero vibrations.

Review Kwadron Equaliser™ Proton Enduro

I love this machine for its precision movements. It has high compatibility with the needle cartridges, thus making it a universally compatible tattoo pen.

With a needle depth of 0 to 4.5 mm, it can undergo exceptional color packing, large fillings, and bold, traditional, or meticulously fine-lined design. This makes the tattoo appear more solid and saturated.

The needle stroke of 3.5 mm makes it a handy tool for quick coverage, precision, and control. The seamless needle adjustments make it more proficient in its work, as the artist can adjust the needle depending on the depth and texture of the skin and tattoo.

My Experience of Kwadron Equaliser

Though it is compatible with many needle cartridges, our artists have also reported it to be optimal with only the selected ones. It also comes with limited color options, a drawback for this product.
It is also pricey with its premium features, and if you don’t want an expensive machine with such pricey hashtags, then the best rotary machines for under $200 are for you. The products are half the price of this pen!


  • It has an adjustable needle stroke and offers seamless needle adjustment.
  • Its powerful enduro motor makes it vibrationless and efficient for artists.


  • It has pricey premium features.
  • It has limited color options.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Kwardon Equaliser Enduro Rotary pen is a versatile, reliable, balanced, and flexible product, good for well-trained and skilled hands. The top artists have featured this product, calling it “a specifically designed machine for tattooing”.

The power, precision, and quality it offers are worth every penny you spend buying. Let’s call it a very safe bet.

An artist is nothing without its creativity. So, if you want to unlock the secrets to the innovative world, then skim through the tips on how to come up with tattoo ideas.

3. BRONC Staves Tattoo Machine

Budget Pick

BRONC Staves Rotary Pen


  • Type: Rotary pen
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Needle depth: 4mm

BRONC STAVES is a revolutionary all-purpose tattoo pen that offers style and precision, which takes your artistic tattoo designs to the next level. This pen will ink your skin with incredible proficiency.

Its wireless feature makes it portable and convenient for the artist, giving them more freedom of movement.

This pen lets you taste the best of both the worlds of connectivity and independence by allowing you to switch between the cordless and plugged-in power supply modes. That is fascinating for a machine.

This machine is powerful but lightweight, giving its users an air of control and ease. It is a well-balanced tool that offers quiet and vibrationless operation. With a needle depth of 4 mm, it can work for any shading and lining, ensuring the optimal performance and consistency of the tool.

Review BRONC Staves Tattoo Machine

Manufacturers claim it to have an effective battery life that could offer a non-interrupting tattoo session for 4 to 7 hours. You only need a type-C charger and a patience of 2 and a half hours for a quick recharge for full-capacity charging. 

My tester artists didn’t face any issues during the trials with its charging. It also performed optimally for most sessions. However, when the artist tried to customize it according to their preference, it showed reluctance. This factor might diminish its appeal to the artists in the market.


  • It can work for any shading or lining, ensuring the machine’s optimal performance.
  • It has a long battery life. it also offers a quick recharge.
  • A powerful but lightweight machine that offers quiet operations.


  • It is less customizable than its competitors.
  • It has battery issues and does not come with an extra battery pack.

Final Verdict

This machine’s portability, durability, power, and consistency are a blessing for beginners and seasoned artists. Its customizability and freedom for shading and lining make it a reliable machine that any artist could ask for.

Attention beginners in search of the best rotary tattoo machines to kick-start their careers! Here is the list of the best rotary tattoo machines for beginners which you were looking for.

4. CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen

CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen


  • Type: Wireless Tattoo pen
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminum
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm

CNC WE Pro is the most popular tattooing machine among professional tattoo artists. It is adored for its distinctive wireless operation. CNC claims it to be the “true wireless tattoo machine”. 

It has a sleek and ergonomic design. Our users have reported that the light-weightedness of this pen has assisted them while performing overwhelming tattooing sessions for a longer time.

Many professionals claim it to be the “all-rounder tattooing pen”. With a stroke of 3.5mm, you can use it for traditional pepper shading, pulling superfine lines for meticulous designs, dot work, and exclusive color packing. It moves dexterously for all sorts of tattooing techniques. 

Review of CNC X WE PRO Wireless Tattoo Pen

My experience with it has been positive. It has a powerful machine that allows the pen to work flawlessly at even the lowest voltages of 4V or 5V. It also has rechargeable power bolts and an authentic digital display. The voltage display informed the artists about the voltage best for lining, shading, dot work, etc.

My testers worked with it for more than 4 hours continuously. It didn’t overheat a single bit and worked with tranquility. However, the catch is in its setup. 

The users and our artists have found its setup quite complicated. The cams wheels adjustment, as well as the adjustment of the rip, depth mechanism, and motor, are doubtlessly hardy.


  • It is an “all-rounder tattooing pen” offering diverse services like peppery shading.
  • It has an impressive design and does not overheat.
  • It has an authentic digital display where the voltage display tells about the voltage best for lining, shading, etc.


  • It has a complicated setup as the rip, depth mechanism, and motor must be adjusted simultaneously.
  • The cam wheel adjustment of this machine is very difficult.

Final Verdict

Overall, the CNC X-WE Pro is one of the most versatile pens and a first-rate tool for seasoned artists who want an upgrade at an affordable price. It is the perfect tattoo kit for budding tattoo artists! Its ergonomic pen, the noiseless motor, and the rechargeable power bolts make it stand out in the crowd of the expensive rotary machine market.

5. BRONC Max V12 Rotary Pen

BRONC Max V12 Rotary Pen


  • Type: Rotary Tattoo pen
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm

BRONC MAX V12 rotary pen is a versatile and ideal tool for newbies and experienced artists for an unparalleled experience without being tied down by cords. This machine offers a smooth, precise, efficient, and truly flexible experience and has left our users with an awe and alluring impression.

The ergonomic design of the pen alone represses the workload by reducing the strain in the hands of those new in this world of art. This premium tattoo machine is built with sophistication and is a reliable tool for professional artists.

Review of BRONC Max V12 Rotary Pen

My testers report that it has a truly adjustable needle stroke of 3.5mm responsible for its precision. With a needle depth of 0-4mm, it worked efficiently for bold art and fine-lined designs. 

It has a seamlessly adjustable needle system and has high compatibility with distinctive needle configurations. This fantastic feature has provided our users with the desired freedom for work.

The high-quality Swiss high-speed of this pen plays a crucial role in its precision movements. It is silent and vibrationless, filling the spicy tattooing air with the tattoo pen’s serene buzz.

The manufacturers of this machine claimed that its battery capacity is more than 4 hours. However, my testers have reported that it has a limited battery life. The more they worked with this tool, the more the battery was utilized, and after some time, it was all set for a recharge.


  • It is lightweight along with being ergonomic, which makes it easy to use.
  • It has a truly adjustable needle stroke for different tattoo styles and offers precision movements.


  • It has a limited battery life.
  • There is a learning curve for artists used to other tattoo machines.

Final Verdict

With its versatility, compatibility, reliability, and adjustability, this machine is a boon for professional artists looking for a luxurious update. The lightness and the power this tool possess is all any newbie could ask for in a tattoo machine for its unsteady hand.

6. Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen

Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen


  • Type: Rotary Tattoo pen
  • Material: Special Aviation Aluminum
  • Stroke length: 3 – 4 mm

Ready to elevate your tattooing skills to the next level? If so, here is our formula for artistic sorcery, AKA Kwardon Equaliser proton Pen. This has left our users and their clients FLABBERGASTED with its precision and hitting strokes for meticulous designs.

The wireless feature of this pen adds to its credibility as it is portable and travel-friendly. It is also super lightweight, is less strainful on hands, and is also easier to maneuver. This pen’s portability and ergonomic design make it the best option for budding tattoo artists.

Review of Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen

My testers have reported it to be a reliable pen for its precision, silent operation, and minimum vibrations. The adjustable needle feature and the needle stroke of 3-4 mm add up to its performance’s accuracy and provide more precision and control.

This is the best tool for innovative artists as it is versatile and compatible with various needle cartridges. This results in optimal shading, coloring, and lining performance.

I am extremely satisfied with its flexibility to adjust to their styles and preferences. However, during the trials, our testers claimed this pen’s set up to be a hard job because of the grease inside it.

My testers have also reported that though it showed an optimal performance, it also started to heat up when used for more than 3 hours. This resulted in them giving this tool and their tattooing session a rest.


  • It is wireless and portable.
  • Offers precision and control with its feature of adjustability with different needles.
  • It is compatible with various needle cartridges essential for coloring and shading etc.


  • Requires high maintenance and has to be cleaned regularly.
  • It does not stay put and is difficult to set up.
  • The device heats up if used for more than 3 hours.

Always buy wireless rotary tattoo machines from a trusted brand. Wireless tattoo pens with cheap batteries can not cope with the fluctuating voltage. This causes overheating of the battery and might result in an accident. To get wireless tattoo machines from trusted manufacturers, read the best wireless tattoo machines in 2023.

Final Verdict

This pen is perfect for newbies with some experience in artistry as it is durable, affordable, portable, and ergonomic in its design. It has a piece of powerful machinery, works with efficacy, and has the confidence and positive comments of its many users, who are extremely satisfied with its operation.

7. Linetion Sworder Rotary Pen

Linetion Sworder Rotary Pen


  • Type: Pen-style rotary tattoo machine
  • Material: Plastic
  • Stroke length: 3 – 4 mm

Linetion Sworder Tattoo pen has cutting-edge technology, a sleek and ergonomic design, and an all-in-one feature that give it an edge compared to the other pens. With this pen, you will soar higher in tattoo art. It cuts the restraints of anything that holds you back from embedding your creativity on the human skin.

With its wireless feature, tattoo artists have more freedom of movement without being tethered to the main power supply.

Review of Linetion Sworder Rotary Pen

Some of our users have reported that it adjusts well to various tattoo techniques and styles because of its 3-4mm stroke. The optimal performance of this machine makes it an ideal tool for packing, coloring, line work, and shading.

This rotary pen has a high-performance motor that works with consistency, silence, and precision, creating a serene environment for both the clients and the artists.

My testers have reported it to be a highly-efficient, reliable, lightweight, easy-to-set-up, and customizable tool. Our testers worked with it for more than 8 hours with continuity, but it didn’t overheat due to its highly-efficient Lithium battery. 

Though reliable and optimal, it is not a durable tool as it is plastic and requires a lot of maintenance which some artists don’t prefer.


  • It is lightweight, easy to use, and customizable.
  • It has high performance and works with consistency and precision.
  • It adjusts to various tattoo preferences and is ideal for packing, coloring, shading, etc.


  • It is costly compared to other wireless tattoo machines.
  • It has less durability as it is made of plastic.

Final Verdict

This is a must-buy tool for someone looking for a wireless, elegantly-designed tattoo pen with effective battery life. It is on par with the competitors and is worth every penny the buyer spends because of its incredible performance and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are compatible with different kinds of needle cartridges and configurations. However, some might not be compatible with some brands’ needles, so there is limited compatibility.

Yes, it can line and shade like a coil tattoo machine. In some cases, it has also performed much better than the coil machines for grating, coloring, black and gray art, Japanese art, bold and fine lines, etc.

There is a need for autoclaving the grips and tubes of the rotary tattoo pen if you are not using disposable gloves or disinfectant to clean the machine.

Yes, they surely are good for beginners. Most of these. e machines have an ergonomic design that is comfortable for untrained hands. If it is a wireless rotary pen, it is travel-friendly and portable. Also, the rotary motor of the rotary pens provides a silent and vibrationless experience that might be sounder to budding artists.

According to professional artists, rotary tattoo machines are more impactful than rotary tattoo machines. They work much better for fine-lining and shading in contrast to coil machines. They also offer a quiet, vibrationless, soothing operation for the artists and clients.


Finding the best rotary machines for just $400 or less is hard. But, no worries now; we have accommodated the top 7 rotary tattoo machines in just a single article for you. Each machine has its unique features. 

Some are exclusively versatile, while others offer astonishing shading and design. Also, you can go right with the top 3 picks.

So, whether you’re seeking an upgrade or want to experiment with different rotary tattoo machines as a beginner, these seven picks will solve all your worries and queries.

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