How to make temporary tattoos last longer? 6 Easy Ways

How to make temporary tattoo last longer

Temporary tattoos are a real hoot nowadays and this is because they allow you to express yourself in a unique and creative way. But let’s face it, they don’t always stick around as long as you want them to! 

We all know that temporary tattoos can easily fade or smudge in some time. Yet, if you want your temporary tattoos to stick around for the long haul, there are some tricks that you can use! And, here we are, spilling all the beans for your tattoos. 

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a solution to make your temporary tattoos last longer, we can help.

Comparing Permanent Tattoos with Temporary Ones

When it comes to body art, it’s a matter of “to each their own.” So, let’s dig deeper into the type of tattoos you can get, to see which one you prefer.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos
  • Temporary tattoos are also known as henna tattoos or flash tattoos. 
  • These tattoos are a cinch to apply and remove.
  • While they are usually made with a special tattoo ink or paint, you can apply it to the skin using a stencil or freehand technique. 
  • In addition, the ink is designed to last for a short period of time, typically one to two weeks, before it starts to fade or peel off. 
  • Adding to it, another one of the biggest perks of temporary tattoos is that they let you “test the waters” with different designs and styles without making a long-term commitment. 

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent Tattoos
  • On the flip side, Permanent tattoos are a form of body art that’s created by “inking” the skin using a needle. 
  • These tattoos are permanent as per their name and you can only get them removed through laser tattoo removal or surgical removal.
  • Permanent tattoos often have a more serious and symbolic value and are often chosen to commemorate an important event, honor a loved one, or express a personal belief. 
  • Furthermore, these tattoos require a bit more “tender loving care” as you may get an infection on them, and they also need to be touched up over time.

While temporary tattoos are a low-commitment option that allows you to “play around” with different designs and styles, Permanent tattoos are a more serious and permanent option that can have deeper meaning and significance.

Ultimately, the choice between temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos is a personal one, and should be based on your individual preferences and needs.

The main difference between temporary tattoos and permanent tattoos is their “staying power.”

Tricks to keep your temporary tattoos last longer

Tricks to keep your temporary tattoos last longer

Are you too tired of your temporary tattoos not lasting as long as you want? Worry no more as we’re here with some surefire techniques to make your temporary tattoos last longer.

Whether it’s for a special event or long-term wear, we have all the secrets to making your tattoos last. Let’s dive in!

Prep your skin

First things first, always remember to prep your skin before applying the tattoo. 

For this, make sure it’s clean, dry, and free of oils or lotions. Consequently, it will give your tattoo a better chance of sticking around.

Use good quality tattoo ink

Next, use high-quality temporary tattoo ink or paint. Plus, always steer clear of cheap knock offs. 

Try opting for tattoo inks which are specifically designed for temporary tattoos. They are better because they have a long-lasting formula.

Avoid soap or lotion for 24 hours

Now, what to do after you’ve applied your tattoo?

Keep in mind that you should not be using any soap or lotion on it for the first 24 hours. As a result, it will give the tattoo time to set in and stay on your skin longer.

Apply a sealant to the tattoo

Another ideal approach is to apply a sealant or clear coat to the tattoo. It can act as a barrier and protect the tattoo from fading or peeling.

Avoid water or sweat exposure

Keep in mind to avoid exposing the tattoo to water or excessive sweating. It can cause the tattoo to fade or peel off faster.

Moisturize the tattoo area

Finally, keep the tattoo moisturized by applying a tattoo moisturizer. It will help to keep the skin hydrated, as it will prevent the tattoo from cracking or peeling.

While we can ensure your temporary tattoos last as long as possible, you will have to follow these steps. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a little TLC goes a long way when it comes to keeping your temporary tattoos looking fresh.

Learn the pro-tips from prepping your skin to using the right ink and sealant. Plus, keep your tattoo away from water and sweat, and moisturize!

Products to use on Temporary Tattoos

Products to use on Temporary Tattoos

Considering temporary tattoo life, there are a few products you can apply to make these last longer. These products may include

Sealant or Clear Coat

A sealant or acts as a barrier for protecting the tattoo from fading or peeling. This method is especially effective if your tattoos are exposed to water or excessive sweating.


Generally, UV rays can cause temporary tattoos to fade or peel off faster. Thus, applying some sunscreen to the tattoo every time you go outside can help to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Petroleum Jelly

Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the tattoo can also help to keep it moisturized, preventing it’s  fading.

Hair Spray

A light mist of hair spray can also help set your temporary tattoo and keep it in place.

Makeup Setting Spray

Last but not the least, you can use a makeup setting spray. It also helps set the tattoo and keep it in place for many people.

Factors affecting Temporary Tattoo life

Factors affecting Temporary Tattoo life

When it comes to temporary tattoos, there are a few key factors that can affect how long they last on your skin. Not only can a good understanding of these factors help you make the most of your temporary tattoos, but also ensure they stay safe and non-infected. 

Let us go over some of the most important factors that can impact the life of your fake tattoo.

What ink do you use for the  tattoo?

First and foremost, the quality of the ink or paint used in the temporary tattoo can have a big impact on how long it lasts. Generally, the high-quality, long-lasting inks or paints last longer than lower quality options.

Where do you get your tattoo?

The location of your tattoo also plays a role in its longevity. While you can get a tattoo anywhere on your body, it’s important to consider where you want it placed. 

Tattoos on areas of the skin that are exposed to a lot of friction, such as the hands or feet, are more likely to fade or peel off faster.

What is your skin type?

Your skin type can also have an impact on the longevity of your temporary tattoo. People with dry or sensitive skin may experience shorter lasting tattoos compared to those with oily or normal skin.

How do you care after getting the tattoo?

Another important factor is choosing the right placement on your body. As tattoos are frequently exposed to friction, they may fade or peel faster. So, it’s important to take proper care of your skin during the healing process.

It includes avoiding water and sweat, keeping the tattoo moisturized and not applying any soap or lotion for the first 24 hours.

You can maximize your temporary tattoo’s lifespan with the right ink, perfect placement and proper aftercare. Not taking these factors seriously can damage your tattoo as well as your skin.


Finger tattoos, due to their location on the body, are prone to fading faster than tattoos in other areas. It is because the fingers are constantly in use and are exposed to friction and movement. This friction can cause the ink to break down over time. 

However, to minimize fading of a finger tattoo, consider using brighter or bolder ink colors, and keep the tattoo covered when doing activities that may cause excessive friction.

Lip tattoos, like tattoos in other areas of the face, can be more prone to fading and blurring over time due to the constant movement of the lips. While the average lifespan of a lip tattoo can vary, it can still last for several years. However, it’s important to choose an experienced and skilled tattoo artist and tattoo machine who can work with the unique challenges of tattooing on the lips.

The lifespan of a temporary tattoo can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the tattoo, the care taken to preserve it, and the location of the tattoo on the body. 

Meanwhile, on average, temporary tattoos can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Yes! But not all adhesives are suitable for use on temporary tattoos. Hence, it’s best to use clear, temporary tattoo sealant or adhesive specifically designed for use on temporary tattoos. 

Also, it’s necessary to patch test the adhesive before using it to ensure there is no adverse reaction.


Summarizing it all, temporary tattoos are a great way to add a fun and unique touch to your look. By simply following the tips mentioned above, you can make sure that your temporary tattoos will last as long as possible. 

From choosing the high-quality temporary tattoos to preparing your skin properly, every step counts towards making your tattoos look vibrant. 

Thus, wait no more! Go ahead and show off your personality with a fun temporary tattoo, and let the world know that you’re not afraid to make a statement!

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